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Product Description

Comprised of the very best chocolate goodies from all of the most reputable brands, our Celebrations tub has just what it takes to share the joy in any special occasion.  Proudly made by ‘‘Mars’’, this mixed box of chocolates to bring together confectionary from nutty, crispy & milk favorites, such as Snickers, Mars, Bounty, Galaxy & Galaxy Caramel, Twix, Maltesers Teaser and Milky Way, this gift has it all.

Celebrations Tub Contains,


The chocolate base is smooth and creamy filled with sweet caramel


It is crunchy and creamy consisting of delicious nougat topped with caramel and peanuts, enrobed in milk chocolate.


Smooth and creamy Galaxy chocolate tenderly created to melt in your mouth.


Bounty has a delicious coconut filling enrobed with smooth milk chocolate


Comprised of deliciously smooth chocolate, crispy cookie and a luscious rich caramel.

Maltesers Teaser

With the melt in your mouth creaminess, smooth milk chocolate spreads with the crisp honeycombed pieces

Milky Way

Smooth and creamy, made with delicious chocolate-malt nougat topped with caramel and milk chocolate.


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