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About Us

We are here to reinvent shopping and to get you the perfect gift every time!

WishQue is the innovative way to fulfill all your shopping needs online. So no matter if you are buying a gift for a loved one or just looking for a little something to treat yourself, WishQue got you covered! Whatever your heart desires, we have it in store and will be at your doorstep before you know it.

At WishQue our principle is simple, Give the very best to all our customers. This includes providing a professional customer service, hassle free delivery, and stocking finest quality latest products in today's market. So our customers can sit back, relax & click away on all their wishes. We have our very own in-house delivery team and vehicles. Our delivery buddies receive frequent professional training and constant supervision to ensure our customers get their delivery on time with extra care and a big smile.

WishQue is handled and Managed by Fexcon, An Innovative global leader in tech solutions. We've been in the business for nearly a decade now, physically based in Australia, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka. We ensure around the clock support coupled with the leading of today's technology.

Our Story

What if there is a way to stay at home and shop, or sneak away for 10 minutes during your lunch break without getting caught? Well sure you can shop online, but what about the quality of the products they have for sale? And delivery! Who can pay for sub-par delivery that takes 7 days to get here and deal with rude drivers who have zero care for your package? And forget about sending online gifts, because nobody wants the wrong gift 5 days after their birthday! Don't you wish there is a better way? Don't you just wish someone understands all this?

Well, we do! That is why we made WishQue, while everyone else was busy at Fexcon making the next big thing in tech and business, we wanted to give something to everyone! So we made Wishque, One stop shop for Wishes of all sizes. We identified why people shy away from online shopping and created dream team to mediate all the issues of older systems. We have our shopping gurus scouring the globe to look for that perfect gift just for you, our delivery buddies are hard at work to make sure your gifts arrive on time with a great big smile.

And frankly, we hope we are doing a good job. Because just like you, we are crazy shopaholics with a never ending need shop! If we could we'd shop while we are asleep and don't lie you would too!

The Cake Shop by WishQue

We focus primarily on the production of delicious cakes and confectioneries, in a very safe-conscious and hygienic facility to meet the best international standards.

WishQue is different from others in this particular industry because;

Best taste through the highest quality is the benchmark we set for all our products. Therefore we source only the finest quality ingredients from internationally recognize brands. Among our ingredients: premium butter, flour, clean eggs, highest rated food colorings and Lindt swiss chocolates make a difference in taste and quality.

We go to great length to foster health and safety awareness.

We work with skilled professional chefs and consultants who have years of experience in working with international five star hotels, in order to keep ensuring the highest possible quality standards and this is all about setting the bar higher and making a difference in the culinary art of Sri Lanka.

Colombo Head Office

  • +94 71 212 8888
  • +94 11 212 8888
  • No 374, Highlevel Road, Gangodawila,
    Sri Lanka.

Melbourne Office

  • Level 3, Collins Street Tower,
    480 Collins Street,
    VIC 3000.

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