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Product Description

Luxury Bedroom essential oil scented candle with natural soybean wax, smokeless and environmentally friendly scented candle comes with a adorable gift box.This scented candle is made by hand from natural and high quality materials, namely high-quality soy wax and natural spices.When it is burning, its pleasant perfume can improve your mood, make you feel balanced and deeply relaxed, and even help you improve your sleeping quality.
Fragrance : Watermelon & Lemonade 
Product Information
Glass size 5.1 * 6.2cm
box size: 55 * 55 * 66MM
Burning time: about 12 to 42 hours vary from different usage habits
Main ingredients: soybean wax
Fragrance:  Watermelon & Lemonade

Special care must be taken to ensure the safe use of candles.The candles must be burned in a safety place by removing all packaging and keeping away from all inflammable materials. In the course of using the candles, the candles should be placed on a high-temperature resistant surface. Before the candle wax curdles and cools completely, please don’t move or touch the candles. The candles can never be left unattended when burning.

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